Fighting cancer requires resources and support.

We built a specialised insurance product that understands the realities of a cancer diagnosis.

We Pay A Lump Sum On Diagnosis

This Is Called Your Main Benefit Value.

Extra Payment Benefits

We Pay Out More For These Events

Aynjil Second Opinion

We Ensure You Are On The Optimal Treatment Path

Aynjil Assist

We’re There For You When You Need It The Most

Aynjil Care

Empathy & Planning Is Core To Our Product

We Made Claiming Easy

We Removed The Stress And Simplified The Experience

Important To Note

Our product is simple to understand, buy and claim

Have Questions? One of our product experts will call you.

We Want To Help More People Beat Cancer

Through benefits that support you financially, emotionally and physically. 

Quote & Activate Your Policy

In 3 Minutes.

From R80/month

Insurance, The Way It Should Be.

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Common Questions

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It’s very simple, we sell one specialised cancer insurance product. You select your Main Benefit value and if you get cancer, we pay out your Main Benefit as well as Additional Payment Benefits and then you receive access to our suite of Added Value Benefits all included within your policy.

Unfortunately not. Currently, only people who have never had cancer are eligible for our  insurance. We are constantly looking at ways to expand our insurance to cover more scenarios so please enquire if you have specific questions we can help with. 

Yes. We ask you 3 questions to quote your monthly premium then we ask you 5 questions to qualify you and we issue your policy immediately. No lengthy application forms, no medical assessments.  No hassle. Instant, smart insurance.

Our cancer insurance is designed to serve different needs to your medical aid. Our benefits are tailor made with cancer only in mind. You can take our product with or without medical aid.

We use Debicheck via Paystack as our standard method of monthly premium collection. Debicheck is a monthly debit order that provides full control to the payer where you are easily able to cancel the debit order via your banking app.

Our product terms are best in class. Our benefits are mindfully and purposefully designed for cancer specifically. You can buy our product online, instantly with no medical underwriting. Monthly recurring payment via Debicheck. Simple claims process. A team of people that care about helping our policyholders when you need us the most. 

Initiate a claim through your policyholder login on our site. It is a one click process. Submit your doctors diagnosis documentation and we transfer your payout and activate your benefits within 48 hours of receipt.

Yes. Our cover is a month-to-month subscription with no cancellation penalties. You can login to our self service portal or contact us via WhatsApp: (021) 202 3560 or eMail:
Yes. We are fully compliant with the Financial Services Conduct Authority. Our life licence partner is Guardrisk Life (Pty) Ltd and our Financial Services Provider partner is Capital Legacy Solutions (Pty) Ltd. 
We are a team with over 35-years experience in insurance and tech. We’ve watched loved ones suffer from cancer and we’re on a mission to change this painful experience.
Yes. There is no claim scenario where we deduct anything from your Main Benefit payment. It is always paid in full and your payout is tax free.
You can decrease your Main Benefit at any stage. You can increase your Main Benefit value after 3 months. You can login to our self service portal or contact us via WhatsApp: 087 152 4999 or eMail:
Once your claim has been approved and your Main Benefit has been paid, our claims team will assist with direct access to all of our service provider partners. We ensure a simple, stress free process.

Our Established Partners Help Us Deliver Key Services

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Patient-centered and cost-effective health care through aligned incentives, sustained trust and holsitic solutions. Alignd have partnered with Aynjil to provide our policyholders some of the key benefits listed above.

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Global Choices is a 24 hour assistance and value added claim solutions company. Global Choices have partnered with Aynjil to provide our policyholders some of the key benefits listed above.

We are the Member focused caring partner that provides health solutions to the people of the world, regardless of economic and geographic limitations, through access to the best medical information available.