Note: Aynjil (Pty) Ltd has partnered with Capital Legacy Solutions (Pty) Ltd to provide us with certain regulatory and compliance functions necessary for the sales and administration of our cancer insurance product. This partnership allows us to use their existing, mature compliance framework to satisfy the FSCA’s requirements and we are obligated to provide a policy that governs how we Treat Customers Fairly. The document below lays out the key fundamentals that Capital Legacy have defined in terms of TCF. 

Our team at Aynjil remains the direct contact point for all customer queries and service requirements but we are committed to the same TCF principles listed below.


Capital Legacy Solutions (Pty) Ltd

1. Introduction

As the governing body of Capital Legacy Solutions (Pty) Ltd (“CLS”) took a decision to formally adopt the TCF outcomes as principle and guide and we embrace the spirit of the principle-based outcomes as published by the Financial Services Board in the TCF Roadmap.
Our ethos and culture has always been to:

2. Objectives
CLS as an authorised financial provider is fully committed to ensuring that our customers are treated fairly at all times.

To ensure that a culture is cultivated within our FSP in which high quality service delivery, fair treatment of customers and transparency remains the centre of our focus as an organisation at all times.

We undertake to ensure that quality management systems, processes, procedures and controls are formulated, implemented, reviewed and monitored to
ensure as far as possible that clients experience professional servicing standards and fair treatment on all levels of interaction.

We undertake to provide training and to equip each staff member on the principles contained herein, also to be and remain active participants in cultivating the TCF culture.

3. The Six Outcomes of Treating Customer Fairly
As a financial services provider, we embrace the spirit of the principle-based outcomes as published by the Financial Services Board; we are committed and will continuously strive to comply with these outcomes:

4. Achieving the Outcomes

We realise that the success of achieving the fairness outcomes first and foremost lies in the way that we manage our FSP. We are convinced that quality management systems, policies, procedures, controls and appropriate training are necessary for animating and bringing to fruition our best intentions which rise from these Outcomes.

We further agree that each role player within our FSP must embrace the TCF outcomes and understand that each person has an important contribution to make in order for the FSP to consistently achieve these goals, collectively.

We also aim to demonstrate through our behaviour and monitoring that we are consistently treating customers fairly through our governance structures as well as throughout the stages of the product life cycle, which are summarised below:

5. Ownership & Accountability

This policy is owned by CAPITAL LEGACY SOLUTIONS(PTY) LTD, an authorised financial services provider in terms of the Financial Advisory & Intermediary Services Act (37 of 2002). CAPITAL LEGACY accepts responsibility for the successful implementation of Treating Customers Fairly processes, procedures and controls in respect of the TCF Outcomes and objectives.
As Key Individual of the provider, EDUANN LOUIS VORSTER, hereby confirms the adoption of the policy.