Most of us are not sufficiently insured for cancer.

The long recovery time and cost of a cancer diagnosis makes it the one disease worth insuring against.

R1million Payout + All Extra Benefits

*Example 32 year old male

Why Aynjil Insurance?

If you only have medical aid then Aynjil is your perfect companion insurance.

If you have no insurance then Aynjil is your ideal entry point.

If you have critical illness cover then consider Aynjil as a more specialised, cost effective option or ‘top up’ cover.

"I've beaten brain cancer 4 times and I've seen the worst of it. I wish that I had insurance benefits like this during my struggles. Only once you've lived with cancer, do you fully appreciate the value of good insurance. Aynjil will make a massive difference to many lives."
Richard Wright Iron Man Global Speaker Entrepreneur
Richard Wright
Iron Man. Global Speaker. Entrepreneur.
Understanding The Risk's And Realities Of Cancer Is Key.

So, Why Buy Our Insurance?

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Medical Aid Is Not Enough

Cancer comes with so many additional expenses. Only considering your medical expenses will leave you short in so many areas.

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Market Leading Benefits & Terms

We took two years to design a 'best in class' product with unbeatable benefits and clear, unambiguous terms.

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Frictionless Experience

3 minutes to buy our product on any device. Zero medical tests. Hassle free claims process. We made things easy for you. The way it should be.

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Your Income Is At Risk

Most people fail to appreciate, when you have cancer, your work suffers. Not working means no income. Medical aid may cover your treatment but what about your other life expenses.

We designed our benefits from close personal experiences with cancer so we know what it means to have this level of support when you need it the most.  We wanted to build a heart driven insurance product that is easy to understand, easy to buy and easy to claim, online.

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Simple. Online. Instant.

3 questions to quote your monthly premium. 5 questions to issue your policy instantly.

Our claims process is effortless and paperless.

Instant support provided by our team via WhatsApp, Email and Phone.


Common Questions

If you don’t find your answer here, contact us via WhatsApp (bottom right) or

Yes. We ask you 3 questions to quote your monthly premium then we ask you 5 questions to qualify you and we issue your policy immediately. No lengthy application forms, no medical assessments.  No hassle. Instant, smart insurance.

Our cancer insurance is designed to serve different needs to your medical aid. Our benefits are tailor made with cancer only in mind. You can take our product with or without medical aid and critical illness insurance.

Yes. At any stage. Our cover is a month to month subscription so cancellation requests are actioned immediately.

Quote & Activate Your Policy

In 3 Minutes.

From R80/month

Insurance, The Way It Should Be.

We've Partnered With The Best In The Industry

Our policies are reinsured by RGA, a global power in the insurance industry. As of December 31, 2021, RGA had approximately $3.5 trillion of life reinsurance in force and assets of $92.2 billion.


Our Policy Administration technology is provided by Click2Sure. Partnering with them gives us a powerful operating platform from which to run an efficient, compliant, secure life insurance business.

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Guardrisk is our life licence provider and they are the market leader in cell captive insurance and risk solutions and they provide us with the life license on which all our policies are written. is a global leader in software solutions that enable businesses to deliver a superior customer experience. Their platform empowers our marketing, sales and customer support.

Aynjil Cancer Insurance is fully underwritten by Guardrisk Life (Pty) Ltd.  Policies are administered by Capital Legacy Solutions (Pty) Ltd - FSP 42826