Unexpected Challenges Faced by Cancer Patients

unexpected challenges faced by cancer patients

At Aynjil, we understand that cancer is an all-encompassing disease affecting patients, family members, and friends. The cost of cancer involves far more than just diagnosis and treatment. Mental health needs, lifestyle adjustments, and the overall wellbeing of everyone involved are not typically covered under basic life or health insurance. Sadly, too many people only realise the need for cover when it’s too late — after a diagnosis. 

Typically, insurance companies in South Africa offer cancer insurance as part of a larger critical illness benefit. Unfortunately, cancer is incredibly complex with many variables and isn’t typically a “one size fits all” situation. After watching our loved ones suffer through this disease, we realized that typical critical illness cover wasn’t enough. So we decided to do something about it. Now, specialized, human-centric cancer insurance is what makes Aynjil unique.

Childcare and Family Benefits

Adjusting to a cancer diagnosis can seem like a whole new way of life. You’re probably juggling multiple doctor’s appointments, fighting nausea, fatigue, memory problems, and pain, and struggling to maintain your normal day-to-day calendar. These obstacles take their toll on you and your family members. Depending on the severity of your diagnosis, you may also be preparing for the worst-case scenario, adding even more stress and anxiety.

Amid all this uncertainty, Aynjil prioritizes benefits to help cope with your changing lifestyle.

  • If you have children, their schedules and needs can be a full-time job on their own. And if you are sick and stressed out, handling this can be overwhelming. While you focus on your recovery, we can provide a qualified au-pair to assist you with your children. From feeding them to helping with school work, your au-pair will work with you to alleviate some parental pressures during your treatment. 
  • Some cancers become more likely with a family history. So if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, the chances for your other family members to be diagnosed can increase. Just in case, we provide access to all the non-cash benefits at no additional cost on your policy, for both your parents and children, should they receive a diagnosis.
  • When you’re dealing with cancer, it’s important to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. That’s why we offer the comfort of Swansong Advance Care Planning. This benefit helps educate, prepare, and guide you through the process of preparing a legally-binding Advance Care Plan, which outlines your provisions for any future healthcare decisions you are unable to make yourself. This plan is supported by recorded video conferences with a registered professional, so you can be sure your voice is present in future decision-making.

Mental Health

A positive cancer diagnosis affects more than just your physical body; it affects your mental and emotional wellbeing as well. This life-changing experience can bring on whole new levels of anxiety, stress, and depression that you may not have ever experienced before. As part of your Aynjil cover, we believe in caring for your mental health as much as your physical health.

  • We work with top clinical specialists to provide counseling. These trained professionals can help you work through the trauma and grief of dealing with a cancer diagnosis.
  • Aynjil also provides a Medical Second Opinion benefit, giving you peace of mind that your diagnosis is correct and the treatment plan is on the right track. 

Palliative Care

Aynjil also provides certified palliative care, which can improve patients’ quality of life. These include physical, psychological, social, and spiritual challenges tailored to your particular needs. Palliative care has been proven to be most effective when begun early in the course of the illness, reducing unnecessary hospitalizations and extra healthcare services.

Experts will work with you to relieve suffering and symptoms, including pain, fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping, depression, and anxiety. They use a team approach to support both patients and caregivers, including addressing practical needs and providing bereavement counseling. Their goal is to give you and your family members the mental and physical strength you need to live as actively as possible and carry on with daily life.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated 40 million people need this type of care every year, but only about 14% are currently receiving it. The New England Journal of Medicine published a study showing that patients with a life-threatening illness who received palliative care live longer than those who did not. In fact, it is explicitly recognized under the human right to health. That’s why we at Aynjil believe in providing palliative care through an integrated health service that pays attention to individuals’ specific needs and preferences.


Getting to and from your appointments and treatment services is non-negotiable. There may be times when you are too sick and fatigued to drive yourself, or your normal mode of transportation is unavailable. Don’t worry. We will provide transportation to and from all of your treatments, free of charge.


At Aynjil, we understand that cancer treatment costs you more than just money. The road from diagnosis and treatment to recovery can be a long one. We also are aware that cancer has far-reaching effects involving your family, mental health, and lifestyle. This understanding is what makes our approach and benefits unique.

Aynjil cancer insurance is meant to work in conjunction with the health insurance you currently have. We’ve packaged our product in simple terms without any legalese or hidden loopholes. We have even made it easy to get a quote and cover with our four-minute online process.

Claiming your benefits is also quick and paperless. Once you fill out the simple online form, a member of our team will contact you to get your claims process in motion. Working with your oncologist to obtain specialist reports, our team is able to provide crucial assistance to support you following a diagnosis. And once your claim is approved, funds will be paid out within 48 hours.

Let us help ease some of the burden associated with cancer’s life-altering diagnosis and treatment. Our team offers real-time support every step of the way. Every new patient will receive our Aynjil Care Pack, providing invaluable information to guide both you and your family on your journey to recovery. Visit aynjil.com today to get you and your family covered in case of cancer.

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