What Does a Cancer Insurance Policy Cover?

What Does a Cancer Insurance Policy Cover

Before we dive into the details of a cancer insurance policy, let’s first understand what cancer insurance is and why it developed.

The history of cancer insurance is rather interesting. According to Wikipedia: “In terms of the insurance industry, cancer insurance is a novel form of coverage, having emerged approximately 50 years ago.” It developed as an industry to cover the expensive out-of-pocket medical costs associated with cancer treatment. Multiple factors contribute to the high costs of cancer treatment.

Cancer Insurance in South Africa

Cancer insurance is a very specific type of insurance in South Africa and is largely unheard of in the broader community. Many insurance companies in South Africa offer cancer insurance as part of a larger package, namely – critical illness cover.

At Aynjil, we noticed that this wasn’t sufficient. Cancer is such a complex disease, with so many variables, that South Africa needed a company to offer cancer insurance as a specific insurance product. That’s why we created our company – to serve your cancer-related needs to the tee, in the most dynamic way possible. Our policies have been designed to cover you throughout the entire journey and exceed your expectations.

With so many cancer risk factors and around one in four South Africans affected by cancer, the trend in cancer insurance coverage is becoming ever clearer.

What Does Aynjil’s Cancer Insurance Policy Cover?

Richard Wright, an Ironman athlete, global speaker and entrepreneur, had this to say about Aynjil’s cancer insurance: “I’ve beaten brain cancer 4 times and I’ve seen the worst of it. I wish that I had insurance benefits like this during my struggles. Only once you’ve lived with cancer, do you fully understand how much you need it (cancer insurance). Aynjil will make a massive difference to many lives. Perhaps yours.”

Whilst we can’t tell you exactly what other companies are offering in terms of their cancer insurance policies, we can give you the full picture of what we’re offering with our policies. Our policies are designed specifically to cover all your cancer-related needs.

Specialised Cancer Care

Our packages include a specialised set of cancer insurance benefits for the best possible premiums via an effortless 4-minute online sign-up process. We are the #1 choice in South Africa for value, price and experience.

We understand that cancer treatment costs are far more than just diagnosis and treatment; your emotional care, lifestyle adjustments, and overall well-being are also our concern.

Our intention has been from the beginning to develop an insurance product that can save and change lives. There’s no fine print, no ambiguous clauses, and our insurance is priced as economically as possible.

Most importantly, we are constantly evolving our product offering, whether it’s through new medical innovations, mental health services, or alternative therapies. This is because we want to make sure that our insurance policies are constantly meeting and exceeding the true needs of cancer patients in South Africa.

Simple to Use

Our policies and sign-up process have been designed to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible for you, the end-user.

  • We ask you 6 questions online, quote you what your monthly premium will be and issue your policy immediately.
  • You can sign up online within 4 minutes.
  • You’re able to select how much you want to be insured for.
  • We’ve made sure to use wording that is easy to understand. There’s nothing worse than reading through a policy document and feeling like it’s a technical manual. Transparency is paramount for us.
  • We cover EVERY cancer, so you don’t need to worry about any “what if” scenarios.
  • We pay out to you 100% of the time, with ZERO deductions on what we pay out to you. 
  • Our premiums start from R140 p/m, run on a month-to-month basis and are highly affordable.
  • You can decrease your cash benefit amount at any time.
  • We’ll provide you with a personal claim concierge. This means that you have a person entirely dedicated to helping you through every claim you have.
  • Our claims process is quick and paperless. Give us your policy number, upload your clinical diagnosis form and we will authorise your payment and benefits access immediately.
  • Since illness doesn’t take a break, we offer 24/7 support. Whenever you need us, we will assist you with fast, efficient support provided by our team via live chat, email and phone. (We are currently working on developing a WhatsApp helpline.

World-Class Medical Treatment

The most important aspect of any cancer insurance policy (and any medical insurance policy for that matter) is knowing that you’ll be provided with the best medical treatment available and that your insurance policy will cover all the necessary costs.

  • We provide you with access to some of the worlds best oncologists so that you can get a second analysis of your cancer diagnosis. This will ensure that you get peace of mind, knowing that at least two world-class medical professionals have verified the diagnosis.
  • The oncologists will also provide you with a medical opinion, detailing all your options, how to proceed with a treatment plan, and the prognosis (a medical term for predicting the likely or expected development of a disease).
  • You’ll also have the option of receiving a free precision genetic test administered through our partner labs. This test helps the lab develop a treatment plan customised entirely to your circumstances.

Designed Specifically for Cancer Patients

Whereas other medical aids will offer cover for cancer as part of a larger package called critical illness cover, we have designed a policy that covers you for even more, because it’s been designed with cancer patients in mind.

  • We’ll give you an early payout before your diagnosis to assist you with paying for the upcoming test.
  • We will offer to pay for breast reconstruction surgery for women who have to get a breast/is removed due to cancer.
  • If your cancer returns, we will pay you a further 25% of your insured amount.
  • If you are diagnosed with second cancer unrelated to your initial cancer, we will reinstate your policy for you, should and when you need to claim for your treatment.  

Benefits for Your Family and Your Mental Wellbeing

  • We understand that cancer affects not just the person with cancer but also their entire family, social circle, and lifestyle. That’s why our benefits are unique because they holistically assist you beyond just the treatment you require.
  • Your parents and/or children will receive free access to all the non-cash benefits of your policy, should they be diagnosed with cancer.
  • We will transport you to and from your treatments, free of charge.
  • You will be provided with expert and certified palliative care (a type of care that improves patients’ quality of life and that of their families who are facing challenges associated with life-threatening illness, whether physical, psychological, social or spiritual).
  • A qualified au-pair will assist with looking after your children, and helping them with school work, while you are focusing on your recovery.
  • You’ll be provided with mental health counselling from top clinical specialists, to help you work through the trauma and grief of what it means to receive a cancer diagnosis, to go through treatment, and the resultant effects.
  • We believe that various forms of therapy are effective in combating the effects of cancer. We’ll provide you with a virtual reality (VR) headset and curated content for you to get the experience and relief that comes from immersive distraction therapy.
  • In order to ensure that your estate is all in order, we offer you access to a digital living Will, which helps you with estate planning, so that your family is taken care of no matter what happens in the future.
  • Support and guidance are some of the key pillars that assist cancer patients with coping and help them stay strong through all the difficulties that arise. We provide all our clients with an Aynjil Care Pack, which is packed full of invaluable content designed to help guide you through the journey of treatment and recovery.

Did you hear about Aynjil’s pre-launch offer?

Register your interest in one of our insurance policies and get 50% off your first three premiums if you sign up for cover with us.

Also, if you refer a family member and/or friend, you both get 50% off your first six premiums.

Find out more about the founders of Aynjil, and how their own experiences led them to create the world’s most innovative cancer insurance.

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